Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Funeral Arrangements

Well I have already told my closest friends what do after the Huge "Burning Man" (literally) type ceremony that will be my funeral. Some of my more criminally minded friends have been instructed to put my ashes in a grocery bag and then dump them in the Bellagio Dancing Fountain Pool, preferably to a Dean Martin tune.

But this is a good idea too!


Tina said...

As long as you're not expecting some "sati" action from a wife when the fire is lit, then the Burning Man ceremony is cool... and if George Clooney could be at the Bellagio when the ashes are spread, well, then that would be even cooler.

Neil Shakespeare said...

I would like my ashes spread around the base of a walnut tree, and THEN I would like to go dancing at the Bellagio, to an Efraim Zimbalist tune.