Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"THE REVOLT BEGINS" or "Arnold gets ICED!"

The people of California have voted against all eight prop measures. This should go as a warning to the right... we're on to you. The puppet show don't play in CA.

Your bullshit attempts to change the rules as you go... are OVER!

Can I have the $80 million you spent on this back?

I want to thank all the Californians who stood with the Crackpot Press and said NO to special elections.

I thought it may show a change in the Republican mindset when Arnold said this:

On a Beverly Hills stage Tuesday night next to his wife, Maria Shriver, Schwarzenegger pledged "to find common ground" with his Democratic adversaries in Sacramento.

"The people of California are sick and tired of all the fighting, and they are sick and tired of all the negative TV ads," he told supporters at the Beverly Hilton. He did not concede, saying instead that "in a couple of days the victories or the losses will be behind us."

And it's just not in CA, across the country the People are SMASHING DOWN on Republican Arrogance.

In Pennsylvania, 8 of 9 school board members were given the AX by the voters for forcing the myth of intelligent design on our kids

Repubs: Work with us, not at us.

And Arnold... your movies suck. Magic ticket my ass.

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Neil Shakespeare said...

"Magic ticket my ass."

Arnold obviously can't escape that fantasy world he comes from, magic ticket or not. Good for you, California. Nice to know when the Blue States secede you'll be on our side!