Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Show me the Elvis Dust.

I got this email from the King of Pussification today.

The Democratic Party
Thank Harry Reid for forcing the Senate to talk about Iraq
and manipulated intelligence:

Dear Crackpot,

Late this afternoon my friend Senator Harry Reid forced the
Senate into an extraordinary closed session to discuss the
manipulation of intelligence on Iraq and subsequent cover-up
that led to the indictments last week.


Enough is enough and we're ready to lead.

Thank you.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

YAHOO! Isn't leading what I pay you for? NOW you are ready to lead?????

In 2001 I was laid off and have been underemployed ever since. I watched as our Demo Gray Davis did nothing. I watched as W. did nothing. I watched as Feinstein and Boxer did nothing.

I moved onto a friend's couch.

I lost everything.

And you want me to give you money?

Politicians got paid do the same thing I did when I was out of work... they got paid to do NOTHING! (FULL DISCLOSURE: I did not get paid to do nothing.)

I'm not giving you money to grow a pair.

I had to grow them on my own. With a Chia Pet kit and Bic 4 pack as my only friends.

Howard Dean is a homo (but not in the "gay way")

UPDATE: Howard Dean is a "Nancy" not a "Homo" My semantic linguistics have been corrected.

Wait my Aunt's name is Nancy.. Howard Dean is now a "Phyllis"

UPDATE: Howard Dean is still the "King of Pussification"

Where is Johnny Cash when you need him?



Neil Shakespeare said...

My brother gets all those "pussy letters" as he calls them. He gave a bunch of money is '04 and now they want more for (he agrees with you) "doing nothing". Won't send them another dime, he says. He shoots back nasty stuff, which he presumes goes unread. It pisses him off to no end. If I really want to get his goat I just have to ask if he's had any emails from the DNC lately.

Tina said...

Hey hey hey... if I were one of those "womyn" kind of feminists, the word pussy would offend me. But, since I'm not... pussy is A-okay with me. Are those Democratic hands-out for money letters pussification? Absolutely. Hubby and I gave a ton of money in 04, too, and after Kerry was so quick to put his tail between his legs... (and act like a flaming pussy)... we decided that our wallets were closed to this cause.

And on this semantic note, pussy for me can be one of the most powerful words in the English language. I don't get it when women are pissed over the use of the word (and the word bitchslap, too). Let's face it, the power of the pussy is massive in many situations. It dictates behaviors, can control people, their choices and destiny, and even houses new life and brings forth a new human being. With the exception of bothersome cramps... I'll happily take the power of the pussy anyday... and be bold enough to call it by that name.

Crackpot Press said...

Amen to that Tina.

People who get in a twist over words are the same people who want violence on TV but no sex.

Penny said...

Just stopped by.. very much enjoying your blog!