Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ever had this?

Have you ever had one really great week?

Monday through Sunday...

A really great week?

A "got that place I always miss when I'm shaving" kind of week?
A " I read something that really got to me" kind of week?
A "72 degrees at 6:00pm on a Sunday evening in November" kind of week?
A "Good friends, good football, the good guys won" kind of week?
An "I found a dollar" kind of week?
A "God dealt me an ace" kind of week?
A "Have I lost weight?" kind of week?
An "I discovered a great new band" kind of week?
An "I got paid after a long time" kind of week?
An"I feel alive" kind of week?
An "I roller skated" kind of week?
An "I bought ice cream from a truck" kind of week?
The "that other B.S. doesn't matter this week" kind of week?

I'm saving this week, for a week where it ain't "That kind of week"

Happy Thanksgiving,



Tina said...

Hmm... someone has quite the spring in his step, eh? Those Sunday morning shows you watched must have been really good....

Crackpot Press said...

While the Sunday Morning Shows offer healthy dose of smileymchappy... that's just a small part of the greatness of th e week.