Wednesday, November 23, 2005

June Carter Cash

I saw "Walk The Line" this weekend.

Many years ago I worked at the Talent Agency that repped Johhny and June Carter Cash.
I didn't get it... Johnny was still too much of an influence from my Pop. I thought of Johnny Cash as a tough guy poseuer.. like my Pop. My grandaddy was a badass.

The first two albums I listened to over and over again, till I knew every word.. "Live from San Quentin (not Folsom)" and Sinatra's "Songs for Swingin Lovers." When you are six, your options are limited. It's hard to get high on your own supply. It took me 8 years to figure out what the "bleep"was when Johnny sang "I'm the sunofableep that named you Sue" meant.

A MASH episode cleared that up for me.

I let my friend Glenn take an autographed picture of Johnny and June from the file.

The last one.

I met them both. We shook hands. 10 years ago I had no idea I was meeting two legends. Looked like two people who were important "Once upon a Time" to me.

So I am a jackass.... bummer.

Here is something I didn't know.

Johnny was a bad ass. This is fact even amongst the most ignorant of men.

June was badasser.... she wrote "Ring of Fire"

My Pop thought he was... My grandaddy.. just was...

Cherish that Glenn.

Always know who the badass is.

Look for the one who is blocking the exits.

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Tina said...

"Always know who the badass is."
... ah yes, that is pearl of wisdom that is far too often overlooked.

And so perhaps is this: What is passed off as honesty is often just lies told in simple declarative sentences.--i.e. "Freedom is on the march."