Monday, November 21, 2005

Tin Foil Hat: The White House Press Briefings are getting weird.

As most folks know I enjoy reading the White House Press Briefing daily.
Now lately I have been picking up on something odd. The Briefing
transcripts are taking on almost "middle school play" type endings.
Scotty BoyToy has been out while the President is out of the country,
so others have been taking over.

What bothers me is the way these things have been wrapping up.
For Example (these are all from the last week or so): 
Press Briefing on the President's Visit to China by Mike Green, 
Special Assistant to the President for NSA and Faryar Shirzad,
Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy NSA for International
Economic Affairs
Q Is that what they said to you, that they didn't feel the stories
captured it?
MR. GREEN: When the story came out, we talked to our counterparts
on the other side- they called us to say, this story doesn't
capture where we are, we'll put out a statement to make it very
clear what our policy is with respect to Iraq, and that we're
committed to the mission,and that we're, in fact, going to go
to the national assembly to get clearance to extend the troop
THE PRESS: Thank you. 
END 3:43 P.M. (Local) 
The entire press corp chimed together for a collective
"Thank You"? That's a little odd. Helen, David and the
Rest all stood up and said this?
Press Briefing by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice 
on the President's Visit to China
SECRETARY RICE (after an overlong answer to a question on South Korea:
Thank you very much.
Q Good to see you again. 
SECRETARY RICE: Nice to see you, too. Good to be with you. Take care. 
Press Briefing with National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley 
on APEC Summit Meetings
Q But that will still be in there, right? 
MR. HADLEY: We'll see what he says tomorrow. I've said all I can say. 
MR. JONES: Thank you. 

Press Briefing by National Security Advisor Steve Hadley
Stephen Hadley: Anything else? Okay, thanks. 
THE PRESS: Thanks a lot. 

Normally in the White House Press Briefings “The Press” are simply
identified by a “Q” not an actually name be it “Mr. Jones” or "The Press."
Assuming Mr. Jones is Bill Jones of the Executive Intelligence Review, (Editor Lyndon LaRouche author of “Soldiers of Satan” which is a look at Dick Cheney) this kind
of ass-kissery is completely out of whack.

There is something fishy going on here. The normal video of the press conferences has been dismissed as of late. Maybe it’s because the speaker mouths are less pretty than Scotty’s. But we can’t actually watch it anymore… this too is odd.

Now we do know that the White House has been playing games with theofficial transcripts” but to eliminate the corroborative video is very suspicious.

To me, there is a lot of bad news going on, especially for the Republican Party. Are they just trying to end the press briefings on a high note. Look at any of the Scotty Boy transcripts, they don’t end on this upbeat greeting from the press.

And they had the video to back it up.

Let’s keep an eye on it and see what happens.

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