Friday, November 18, 2005

When is the right time to give up?

I lost my phone.

I think.

Now it was there yesterday sitting on my desk,during my occasional lunch hour nap.

I called it at both my job and at my house. Can't hear it anywhere. Checked the pants I wore yesterday.

It just vanished... without warning.

Perhaps I did something to piss it off
Perhaps it just didn't think that our relationship was working out.
Perhaps the phone just didn't think it was a good fit.
Perhaps the phone decided the girl with the huge rack next door would make it happier. In which case I really can't blame it... I would leave my phone for the girl with the huge rack next door. She has a better car and smells really good.

Perhaps the phone just needs a break or is playing some kind of "amateur hour" passive agressive game with me.

I think I am gonna give the phone just one more chance to reveal itself.

Just 24 hours more, then I will go find me something better.

After burning all the pictures of us together over the last year.

UPDATE: PHONE HAS BEEN FOUND!!! Note to self: Black car+ Black Phone = Lost Phone


Neil Shakespeare said...

Love fades, but it never fully goes away. You poor bastard.

Tina said...

I know it sounds crazy.... but just call upon the Orthodox Saint Agios Fanourios. He has never failed me yet... and I lose crap all the time.

And if he happens to fail you-- oh ye of little faith-- you may just have to ask yourself this: Ain't love fickle?

Alicia said...

I myself subscribe to the Theory of Lost Objects. This theory states that personal objects are like small children. Sometimes they get hungry for attention and they hide. The more you call them and look for them, the more they like it. The way around this is something that you have perhaps inadvertently stumbled upon, which is to make loud mention of getting a replacement for that thing. Talk about how you were glad the thing is gone, because you were going to get a newer, better one anyway.

This, as you have seen, will bring the object running back.