Saturday, November 26, 2005

Spin City

Last night I went out with an old pal for "just a couple of drinks." Friday after Thanksgiving, everyone is still a bit tired, a little lethargic, It would be a mellow night of beers at El Coyote.

El Coyote is old school Hollywood hot spot known for their "scratch Margaritas" and possibly the worst mexican food in the entire southland. If you want to eat go to El Cholo. It's quite sad that Sharon Tate had her last meal there.

Anyways he lays a bombshell on me. Now if it was my bombshell I would spill on this. But since I am the first person he told, I'm keeping to myself. I'll give you hint... we've all been there.

This is when our plan for "just a couple of drinks" goes horribly awry and leads to a frantic trip through old school Hollywood. The Formosa, Coach and Horses, Jumbo's Clown Room and, of course, Crazy Girls. We found a coupon in the street. Also, my pal was nearly killed by a Mini Cooper, fortunately I pushed him away at just the right moment.

Needless to say I was quite hungover this morning. And for some reasons I wearing someone named "Bruiser's" Pet Tags

Fortunately, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is a perfect day to just lounge, slack, loaf, read magazines and books, surf for Finance and Accounting Jobs (I am looking) and porn (new girlfriend is out of town). I flip on the tube and they are running a Spin City Marathon. I go to the gym to try and burn off the hangover. I come back, it's still on. I have been working on some household chores and had the whole damn marathon on. I tried out other channels, but it wasn't a good fit. I tried to watch some football, but it wasn't taking, tried to read Raw Story.. my own writing couldn;t even hold my attention. I kept wathicng more and more Spin City. An above average sitcom ("Average" would be like "The Golden Girls" or "Everyone Love's Raymond") I found myself quite entertained going from the Michael J. Fox years to the Charlie Sheen/Heather Locklear years. I found myself that this above average show was able to keep up the chemistry after losing it's star. What did get annoying was that commericals were the exactly same every commerical break. "Dude Where's My Car (A flick I like much more than I admit) on DVD/TV, Nip/Tuck, malpractice lawyers, Cash Call and Fox Sunday night.

Good work Spin City.

On an another note, I just had the most boring celeb siting ever. I just went to the 7-11 and Jay Mohr and a girlfriend or wife in a "inner beauty" mode buy stuff at 7-11. They got a gallon of milk, some magazines and some Mountain Dew. She was wearing a ring, he was not. He did grab her left buttock in a cutesy way. Earlier in the year I saw John Goodman at the same 7-11, we sang "People Like Us" from his film "True Stories."

By the way, neither of us have figured out to spin "we can't take you out next Saturday.....yet"


Neil Shakespeare said...

That bastard Mohr, he stole my girlfriend! Geez, honey! You can do better than the worst comic standing! Thanks for the tour of Hollywood. Never been there.

Tina said...

Crackpot: You bastard... I so LOVE John Goodman. And for some unknown reason, in between playing in the snow with the kiddo, stringing up Christmas lights... grr!... and putting up 2 Christmas trees, I found myself watching the LOGO channel whenever my kiddo was not monopolizing the tv this long weekend. I watched all of the episodes of "Wonderfalls" that I never watched when it was on Fox. I'm gonna put it on my queue at Netflix now. And I watched "First Comes Love"... a Canadian version of TLC's "A Wedding Story" for gay and lesbian couples. Hubby just sighed and stayed online desperately searching for a long lost Nirvana bootleg he wants to replace and shook his head and called me his hopeless lil hetero fag hag... sigh...

Crackpot Press said...

Wonderfalls is on DVD?? Awesome.. Fox never gave that show the chance they deserve.

Fox network executives are the WORST in the industry.

Alicia said...

My husband and I used to play in the 'Roseanne' house band for the last couple of seasons, and John Goodman was always so nice to us. He loves the blues, and does that 'Blues Brothers' thing, but he never seemed to think that 'acting like' a blues singer made him one, unlike Jim Belushi. (note to Jim - you can buy a hundred blues clubs and it won't make you one, dude.) He's not too bad, either - his not taking himself too seriously made him enjoyable to listen to.