Friday, March 31, 2006

Jill Carroll: What is "well"?

This post was inspired by fuzzyandblue.

I am shocked that the media has pounced on and twisted Jill Carroll's words "I was treated Well"

What is the definition of "I was treated well" when being taken hostage?
She had a shower, toilet and food.

This is a woman who lives with Iraqi's which is a whole different world. But she understands and speaks the language and embraces the lifestyle.

On average 10 people a day are taken hostage in Iraq. She knows what happens to hostages.

If she was treated better than the average contestant on "Survivor" she's more than breaking even.

In a world of $35 dollar haircuts for men and $100 a month cable bills, perhaps we have lost touch. Maybe we have forgotten what "well" means.

Maybe these people have relatives who know where her folks live.

Most Americans "don't get" the culture of Iraq. I don't. I don't "get" the culture of Beverly Hills (I live nearby) either. We haven't been there, we don't know. Is it possible that Jill Caroll, who has emersed herself in the culture of Iraq, needs to choose her words carefully?

She was treated well. Compare it to Nick Berg. Compare it to Todd Beemer. What is "well"?

In any case, Jill has gone through a test that none of us could even imagine.

And for that she is a heroic figure. We should all wish that we could keep it together under those circumstances. To go through what she has gone through takes an amazing amount of fortitude.

But to demonize her is just wrong.

Here are some intial thoughts I had on her.

I hope that we all step up when it is time to step up.

Be well,



pissed off patricia said...

I really don't understand how anyone could be all pissy right now. She's alive and well and that's what counts. Why anyone wants to piss and moan about her statements is insane. Would they have been happier if she was cut all to hell and beaten senseless? Well, they would have had to send her to Gitmo to have that result, huh?

Wonder if any of the innocents who we have had in our prisons overseas could come out and say they were treated well?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Yeah, I haven't been watching the news, but I'm seeing through the blogs that they're really demonizing her, huh? Figures.

Crackpot Press said...

And I can't understand why they have tried to demonize her. Has she done anything wrong?

Is she some threat to someone?

Tina said...

Crackpot: I'm happy to see that I could inspire your post.
And I think they hate Jill Carrol for the same reason that they hate the Christian Peacemakers: Both are respectful towards the Iraqi people, they told the truth about what is really going on over there and both refused to spew the BushCo bullshit of "All is great in Iraq and we have never ever tortured, killed, or maimed". That is why these wingnuts are A-okay with torture. They love hurting people, being disrespectful to people's religions and cultures, and destroying people's bodies, minds, homes, livelihoods, etc. They get off on destroying people.
Face it Dave: THEY are EVIL... yet they know that they are going to heaven b/c they are born-again and/or attend church every Sunday.