Saturday, April 01, 2006

Again.. kicked out the good hair club for men.

Below, please see my post on Jill Carroll.

Apparantly I did something very, very bad at They have blocked my ISP. It wasn't promotionally posting I just wanted folks to hear the WHOLE Story. And Hannity is such a sham, look at the banner ad.


Antime said...

Will they send the Fox News police as they claim to do in the Spin Zone?

Tina said...

As I said at my place to your comment that you left there... I am sooo proud of you for being banned at Hannity. That is like a serious rite of passage in the liberal/ progressive/ Dem world. What's next? Getting banned from RedState, too?

Anonymous said...

I got banned at Blog's for Bush on my first comment--no offensive comment, no shameless promotion, nothing. I think they checked out Blognonymous and just banned me on principle.

Crackpot Press said...

What a bunch of fuckers.

You won't that treatment at CPP.

But if you start saying dumbass as things... you must get ready to put your dick on the table.