Friday, March 24, 2006

Blogs I have lost interest in.

Ya know I decided to do some cleaning up on my blog roll..

To be honest when I started this blog a year plus ago, I thought I needed to include the big boys and while I still read them from time to time...

who gives a shit?

So I have dumped the following blogs from my blog roll.

Big Time Patriot
Daily Delay
Wonkette (I want to like the new Wonkette Since the change of tides.... it's like Swingers without Vince Vaughn and less stories about butt fucking.. and besides there is a much wittier, sharper tongue in town.. and I understand the rack is much better..)
Gawker... though I still have a weirdo crush on Jessica Coen.. Jessica call me..
Rude Pundit.. that fuck nut doesn't need my help.

I will from now on I will only stand for blogs that are FUN and INTERESTING social commentary! So if you get too INTO yourself and get all "Gold Telephone that only takes Wooden Nickels" the power of the Crackpot Press may just shut you down too!


Drew said...

Is the chick flipping off the camera Wonkette? Or Jessica Coen? Whoever she is, she's pretty hot.

*doesn't really read high-volume, high revenue blogs*

Crackpot Press said...

That's Jessica Coen, the one on Fox NEws is Wonkette.

Jessica is little snacky snack