Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I just want to be friends

Well it looks like Bush FINALLY fired someone.

But Andrew Card? Except for Bush himself he probably has the least amount of descision making ability in the White House.

But here are some quotes from Card.

"I look forward to being George's Friend" and then he wept.

Yes, wept. A good friend of mine once had a real maniac tyrannical boss many years ago but would never cry in front of him. She would simply go to the bathroom and let it fly.

But yes, Andrew Card WEPT on camera, in front of his boss. He must be a hoot a weddings.

In 2001 when I got laid off, along with most of Northern California, there was no CRYING, on camera. In fact it was time for a month of Vacation for the Bush Admin.

Like Andrew will do, I just filed for unemployment, blew all my savings on an outrageously overpriced apartment (For the Mid-Westerners..avert your eyes. $2200 a month for 2 bedroom one bath with neither parking or dishwasher), eventually gave up and moved onto the floor of my pal's one bedroom in North Hollywood and sold myself into the world of Porn Accounting.

Andrew... I've been there... and you have a friend. And your friend has a couch that folds out.

Andrew, this one's for you!

Also remember your momma will always think you are cool.

Get her some Mothers Day Flowers

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