Sunday, March 12, 2006

Barry. - Updated.

According to a new book out , it looks like my boy Barry is facing new steroid accusations.

According to the book, Bonds was using two undetectable designer steroids, informally known as the cream and the clear, plus insulin, human growth hormone and other performance enhancers by 2001, when he hit 73 home runs for the Giants to break Mark McGwire's single-season record of 70 set in 1998.

Insulin??? How the hell does insulin help someone hit a baseball? Also Insulin is a legal substance. Your body makes it. Runners often inject and extra pint of blood to help them run better. I

Now I can't speak to the cream and the clear and human growth hormone... which were banned in the 2002 baseball season and were both within the rules to use at the time.

I can speak to insulin. I take it every day. The only purpose for Insulin is to break down sugar in your body. A normal, healthy non-diabetic person would die if they took insulin. I took an accidentantly overdose the other night and couldn't complete a game of Scrabble.

A normal person taking insulin would immediately feel sweaty, dizzy and have absoulutely no chance what so ever of hitting a baseball.

I think that these members of the media (who Bonds has not been good to) are reaching for substances that need to be injected to prove a loose case. If they had the facts on steroids, why add something that really can't help you out that much and the effects can be immediately dangerous.

So what the hell are these people talking about?

In addition, there is this new article

Like the previous article, the evidence is speculative. Also if you note the tone of the article is VERY villifing. IF this evidence is true, why hasn't Bonds be arrested? Why hasn't McGwire been arrested?

What I am saying here is we don't know. How many folks were hoodwinked by Judith Miller?


Tina said...

According to this Brit guy being interviewed by the CBC, he claims that insulin makes his muscles "plump" up to look fuller. Here's the link:

The interview is about 11 mins long... and the Brit guy's cockney is veeery thick, so he's kinda hard to understand.

Shooting up anything? No thanks. I'll keep my curvy curves, thank you very much.

Neil Shakespeare said...

Gosh, could it be true? Do you suppose Barry actually took steroids? Hard to tell by looking at guys like him and McGuire and Sosa, etc. I see Sosa's gone now too.

Crackpot Press said...

I'm sure he has at some point...

But did he know he was taking it? I am pretty sure that he may have messed around with the cream and clear, but was is it against the rules.

Also you have to consider that the SF Sports Press has been gunning fro Barry for a long time.. he isn't so nice to them.

Tina-- Insulin may make you muscles look plump... but it would also give you nausea, dizziness and in some cases, complete dysfunction.

I got a low blood sugasr last night and couldn't complete a game of Scrabble...

By throwing the insulin into the mix, it discredits the entire report.

Anonymous said...

And Kirby Puckett died on just about the same damn day that the revelations came out.

Crackpot Press said...

Obivously Bonds is trying to cover Kirby's death.