Friday, March 10, 2006

To Protect and Dance!

So I get in the elevator today with an cop. 22 years oldish, short but broadshouldered kid with a $35 haircut and a manicure. Also in the elevator was a boat load of unattended Office Room Reception Chairs , Which now live in my car.

In addition to the normal cop regaila (pistol, smashy stick, love cuffs).. he had what every Cop in Los Angeles needs to accent his job.

The Hollywood Reporter
and Backstage West

NO wonder the Cops are nuts in this town... They are freaking frustrated primadonna wanna be movie stars...

Damn you BOBBY BALL! Damn you APA!!!

So let's look at this again..

So let's take an average guy... who has big dreams but on average spends three years out of work... getting rejected day in and day out, not just by casting directors, but by his agent and eventually his girlfriend runs off with his agent's assistant because he makes more money and has better connections.

Now add in to that, this person was the leading thespian and considered the best actor at in college. That's quite a heartbreak. While driving the squad car he starts reminiscing about his days as "the Grand Dame of Cal State Hayward Extention"

Actor's are crazy psychotic people to begin with.

So they take a job that requires hanging with the criminals most of the time... and they get smashy sticks and pistols and love cuffs.

And now the LAPD is giving the WEAPONS!!!!

His only training is a Stage Combat Class taught in West Hollywood by Les Abott???




Greg Mills said...

Dude. Les Abbott. Nice.

Tina said...

I used to kinda have a thing for cops... until I dated one.
No wonder they can catch criminals. They have the same mindset only they get to carry a gun at all times and get away with most of their crimes unscathed, IMHO.

Crackpot Press said...

Everyone loves a Les Abbot joke.

Greg Mills said...

Les is one of the those guys you can only love because your hatred for him is so strong.