Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Penguin Documentary sucks.

Actually I really liked the Penguin Movie. In fact, I thought it was a great documentary. In fact, it was a real documentary... not an op-ed movie... very Nanookish. "The Smartest Guys in the Room," while filled with great information, is exceptionally poor filmmaking. Just a lot of dumb crap for the ignorant... as CPG pointed out...

"Wow, they played "Son of Preacher Man", because Ken Lay was a son of Preacher... how cute. Look they talk about accounting magic tricks .... then a magician pulls a rabbit out "

She has Houston Bias.. but ya know.. that IS cheap filmmaking. I hate movies that intentionally press my buttons.. Terms of Endearment??? C'mon??? Biggest piece of "Push My Buttons.. bring the kids to my deathbed kind of filmmaking" crap I have ever seen.

As genius Tina said once (quote as I remember) "I give you hot ass Model-T steamy love and you won't share that piece of floaty thing with me???" (Leo swims away)

The Best Documentary of the Year is not nominated for an Academy Award.

It's called END OF THE CENTURY. It's about the mutherfucking Ramones.

I hate movies about musicians. Why?

Drugs and pretention take precedent over why the music is important.

"The Doors" is the best example of this. Oliver Stone has always been a button pushing hack. He is the Ralph Nader of Directing. Touch on some points... play with some facts... get to Orso and then panhandle when you are out of money again.. "Will work for epic"

But he won't dine with the middle class or cross Sepulveda. Show up every couple of years like the second string groundhog who gets passed up every Feb. 2. . I never see either of these guys during mid term elections. As if hippies weren't bad enough... rich, entitled hippies are worse.

Why is it that rich hippies always get worse weed than poor ones? It's all seeds from Mexico.. who are you trying to impress? BUY AMERICAN!!!!


Well.. buy American west of Barstow... north of Sacramento. Just north of the joint you get you Shiraz from... (which is a Hecha-la-zami-white name to bring back Merlot.. after Paul Giamatti crushed it. When fat bald men crush your product... that really sucks... Avery Schrieber made Doritos BAZILLIONS!)

There have been two movies who have combined these issues... RAY and WALK THE LINE.
RAY was a much better flick.

But this Doc on the Ramones is some of the best filmmaking I have ever seen on a band. No showboating like they are drunken poets, no Beatles crap, no self worshiping...

This is what happened.

Did we have problems? Sure!

Sure it would have been entertaining to see someone throw a Jerry Springer Cymbal at someone. But when they talk about their problems and differences.. it sucks you in a bit more... you want to know what is behind the eyes...

"End of the Century" is just a bunch of stuff that happened to some guys. But it's the most honest movie about a bunch of guys ever.

And it's no different than anything that happened to you. Your closest friends; you have had to pull them up when they lose, you have had to suck up your schadenfruede when they win and you have really have to applaud them at some time. In that Burgess Meredith turn your head and say "Just Cut Him" kind of way.

So I am sure the Penguin movie or Smartest Guys in the A Not So Smart Movie will probably win the Oscar. But someone should send something to the Filmmakers of END OF THE CENTURY... send flowers .. SOMETHING!

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Tina said...

Thanks so kindly for quoting me lovey... my exact quote was this:
"... not all girls loved Titanic. I personally was pissed to the nines that the selfish bitch Rose didn't move her self-preservation-only-ass over and share the damn wood with Jack. After the clearly amazing banging she got in that steamy car, it was the least she could do, yeah? Jack should have pulled her ass into the water and told her "Next time ya want the Irish Step Dance of Love, you'll think twice about double crossing me sistah." THEN I would have loved Titanic."

And I'll make sure to send some pretty tulips... they are lovely and are just about in season.