Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Big Dance

My team for the tourney this year is my Beloved Gonzaga Bulldogs.

I didn't actually GO to Gonzaga.. I just root for them as I have no idea if the San Francisco State Gaters have a basketball team. Adam Morrison, their star junior, is a Type 1 and so I really would like to see them do well.

I was on the Bong Team when I went there and I tell you we kicked Stanford's ass every meet.

Eat that Cardinals!

The Tournament was never a big deal growing up for me. We had professional sports to watch, but as I grew into a klan of Caroliners in the my early 20's I started getting into it.

And yes, I usually root for the Pac-Ten and am usually disappointed.

Every sport needs a villian. Whether it is the Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, Kerri Walsh or the Lakers, the villian is one of the most important aspects of any sporting event. If you have no one to root for, it's almost as fun as having someone to root against.

And now it is time for the Big Dance.. usually Duke is my villian for the tourney...

Every been to Duke.. well I have just seen pictures and they are Ugly, Ugly people.

And cocky.

But this year's villian, who I will delight in watching being beat up torturted and spit out is...

Oral Roberts University.

Yes, the aqua netted cheerleaders of of Oral Roberts University have God and their side and who wouldn't want to take on God in the Tourney?

In know recently Oral has embraced progressive changes in the rights of college coeds .

Well Oral.. you are playing with the Big Boys now.... and not even your precious little God can't save you know.

Let's Rock.

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