Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Blue Lane.

After spending just a few quality days at the Crackpot Press Vacation Home Orlando, I feel refreshed and anxious to attend the LA Marathon Carbo Load dinner downtown with Ultra Marathoner (a real title) CPG.

It should be a nice relaxed evening.

But, alas, it got off to a rocky start. There is a god damn anti-war protest blocking off Highland, Hollywood Blvd, Cahuenga and Vine.

I hate protests. Perhaps I am lashing out at my fathertown, Berkeley, California also my Alma "Does it Matter" San Francisco State. Perhaps I just think that they are ineffective way of communication. If you are gonna take it to the streets... TAKE IT TO THE STREETS.. none of this pep rally crap. I suggest some art direction similar to the angry peasants from the last reel of any Frankenstein movie. People don't listen to rationale, the listen to burning torches and shouting. Not chanting.. SHOUTING!! Case in point, let's say you have a dispute with your HEalth Insurance Company. Do they respond to your rational argument or do they listen to "If I don't get some teeth in my fucking mouth TODAY, I am going come down and burn down your FUCKING OFFICE!!"?

The latter has always been a much more effective way of communication. YEs, that is a line I have said while missing two front bottom teeth.

Growing up It seemed like there was a new protest every week for something. We kept track of them because protestors usually have the best pot. Half the time we didn't even know what they were for.. fur, war (even though it was peace time), eco-friendly something, red paint worshiping, Greater Short-Tailed Bats (Mystacina robusta), "Legalize it" (it's pretty much legal in Berkely open and whole lotta other crap.

I once spent two hours talking to a Hemp activist.

Hippie: You make rope
Dave: And Smoke it
Hippie: Make Shirts
Dave: And Smoke it
Hippie: Make Gas out of it
Dave: And Smoke it.

Realizing this conversation could go on for hours as we were both baked out of our minds. We made friends and watched "Apocalypse Now."

People practicing to be the new Angela or Mario, because at SFSU they push non-jobs on you.
It's the San Fran equivilant of "Come See My Band" in LA. It has a real community theater feel about it.

So anyways.. it was evident that my 12 minute jaunt over to CPG's was going to take about 40 minutes. My BVGS is tanking (which is why I keep grape juice in the car) and the sheer amount of pollutants being put out in the air is a death quench. If people are at their destinations.. there are no pollutants in the air.

Now I against the war but I NEED TO BE SOMEPLACE HIPPIE!!!

But since I believe that everyone can have their little pep rallies.. I suggest the following.

A BLUE LANE, similar to a carpool lane, for those of us think the war in Iraq is a clusterfuck but NEED TO BE DOWNTOWN BY 5:30 or CPG is gonna kick my ass!

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