Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dubai and Dubya

Is there really that much difference?

Today word is punditry. I know what the word means.. it means guy on T.V. talking about shit with the passion of a team of malpractice lawyers and one bextra lawyer negotiating for Easter Gift Baskets like a forgetful father 17 minutes before service starts.

It’s amazing what one desperate man will do for 49 cents worth of Peeps. What acts he will commit.

I have always thought of Easter as the “greatest comeback ever”.. your friends betray you.. you spend several days on nailed,not stapled but NAILED, to a cross, your only entertainment is admiring your mammouth African penis and wondering why you never cut your long blond locks. It’s hot up here..

Your friends give up on you and throw you in a cave and roll a boulder over the entrance..

Miraculously you recover and are so undernourished and pissed off you roll away the stone, then take your vengeance on your disciples who gave up on you… Each of the nine to twelve “Disciple” murders are accented with a CD-R of “I’m your Boogeyman” left by your mangled body. Mangled in the Uber-Pissed off Son of God way.

A young Chuck Norris plays Jesus. Jesus kicked ass… just like the last reel of LONE WOLF MCQUADE.. but he was no Billy Jack.


But more on punditry.

Wikipedia (No I don’t own a dictionary.. or a Zagats… homo) defines “Pundit” as

In the English-speaking West, pundits are those who are the presiding experts on a subject; and write signed articles in newspapers or appear on radio or television to opine on current events. Television pundits are sometimes called talking heads.

By extension, the term pundit is also used to refer to individuals that express opinions in the media without necessarily being a recognized expert on a particular subject matter. Pundits are often accused of being politically biased and for using informal logic in fallacious ways; in this sense, the term is also used as a term of disparagement.

Since I don’t own a dictionary… I don’t know what “fallacious” means either. But it sounds like a wonderful evening in, with some turkey chilli.

Back to the pundits…

Regardless of Americans being WAY against the DUBAI ports deal. Dubya feels impassioned about it. Proving once more he is more in touch with the enemy than with people. Enemy not in the terrorist way…

I like others are sick of being force fed at the Dubai teat. I don’t think most people are racist, I think most people are sick of being pawns in foreign oils game. Bush (and his pundits) say 65% of American’s are racists for not liking this deal.

Dubya and Dubai say trust me..

So now.. we play the ratings game…the pundits need to get forceful.

Howard Stern is a genius. He is not a genius because he is funny... he’s not funny or witty or clever. Well, he is funnier than Al Franken.. but not any funnier than the guys I went to high school with. He is not a genius because of lesbian strippers. He’s not a genius because he isn’t afraid to get personal.

Howard Stern is a genius because he discovered a truth. The people that hate you will watch you more closely than the people who like you. The people who hate you are a much bigger, louder force. The people who hate you are “your audience.”

And they listen and they buy the stuff you are selling.

Pundits are getting wise.

Now that the Dubai is dead… let’s think about the Dubya.

And this guy.

Regardless that this deal is dead, these guys just keep preaching, that Bush is right and they are slowly mnaking Congress a four letter word.

What are they doing?

They are attempting to attract the audience that hates them.

And that audience is me..

I just want to know what wrong stuff they are gonna say next.

I should really spend more time reading.


enigma4ever said...

it is kind of like watching a car accident- you don't want to watch, and you know you shouldn't ...but you just can't stop....

Crackpot Press said...

Just like men's soccer...

Greg Mills said...

I have a blotchy forehead. Had you warned me before, I would have furnished a more handsome photo.

Crackpot Press said...

Your a beautiful man BOACC... blotchy and all.