Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bugs not Body Armor

First Tina reports on Sharks with frickin laser beams.

And now they are making insect cyborgs to go virtually anywhere.

War Zones, Peace Rally's and Your HOUSE!

THE DOD is welcome to take any from my house to experiment on.

Call me a patriot.


Tina said...

The best part of the article for me: "These activities have highlighted key challenges involving behavioral and chemical control of insects... Instinctive behaviors for FEEDING and MATING -- and also for responding to temperature changes -- PREVENTED them from PERFORMING RELIABLY."...... What stands in the way of an agenda? Well, just like us damned humans-- a bite to eat and doing the naked bone dance, of course.

Thanks for the hat tip..... but seriously... MUST. SLAM. HEAD. ON. KEYBOARD. NOW.
How much govt money do you reckon goes towards these animal/insect spy programs? I betcha a whole lotta schools could get some badly needed funds, or some poor kids could get some medicines with that money... but that's just me.

Offering up your apartment building's bugs.... your patriotism makes me misty eyed :)

Kvatch said...

I'll bet my cockroaches could take their "alpha" mechanical insects anyday. Bring it on!