Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What a Boehner!

Via Raw Story...

Well this is a notch above renting out the basement from your mom.

And I bet his XBox RULES!

In other Creepy News.. I went to Agitprop today and clicked on their link for a site I would enjoy.

Too Stupid to Be President

An entertaining site. But look under their cafepress ad. It's an Amazon donate thing (which is fine) but it says "HI! Crackpot Press" (well, it said my real name). My REAL NAME.. It said " HI MY REAL NAME! "

I do my best to keep anonymous

How they hell did they find my real name and how long till it starts saying this on other sites I enjoy...

My girlfriend runs every Saturday at 5 AM... And non of this rookie Runyan Canyon crap.. from Santa Monica Blvd.. through Runyan and up to the top of Mullholland... and back

know what this means... NO GETTING GROOVY ON FRIDAYS!!!

and occasionally the internet has been my Friday night date....

I don't want anyone to know about that!!!

shit..i just told everyone.

Anyways, How long till these folks cave to the government?

Frickin' Creepy

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