Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Steelers vs. Seahawks--- Side by Side Comparison.

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I have never been to Seattle or Pittsburg. But
from the documentaries I have seen about these
cities; Sleepless in Seattle and All The
Right Moves
, they do have a couple of things
in common-- Lots of rain and very unhappy

Both teams must thankful to get out of their
dreary little towns and head for the gold and the glitz
that is -Detroit Rock City.

But I think the folks in Seattle are just a little more happy. I'll
get to why in just a moment.

Usually around this time of year, my email box starts filling with
all kind of Superbowl taunts, usually from folks whose team have
never one the big one.

One of my favorite friends is a young man named Giles Weaver.
Now young Giles grew up in some backwoods hillbilly haven
where there were no professional sports. Sad, huh?

So he had to bandwagon on to the Pittsburg
Steelers who did quite well in the
70's... mostly due to their Hillbilly
Quarterback with a soothing baritone...
and a gentle beast named Joe. There
was love and a common ground there.
(Just to be fair Young Giles does have a mop
of good hair, most of his teeth and
can spell Cat).

Giles Weaver dozed the day away
dreaming of becoming the next kid with
a coke bottle.

Young Giles dreamed of the day he could leave his before
and after school job in the fields of the R.J Reynolds
Company for the glamorous paparazzi filled life of an Allentown
Steelworker. Is it so wrong for a young man to dream about feeling
pretty... just once?

But like most dreams, this was crushed as he was lured into the seamy
world of professional blogging. He never made it to the big city...
not even for a weekend jaunt.

Now young Giles is filled with boyhood Glee as the Steelers are about to go
head-to-head in Detroit over the weekend. Ah, two towns in desperate need
of Canadian prozac. Damn that FDA.

Should be a pretty a competitive outing.

However, the Seahawks have one thing going for them the Steelers do not.
For this one reason alone, the Steelers do not deserve any respect.

Here is a picture of the beautiful West Coast Seattle Seahawks "Sea Gal"

Here is a the last known picture of the Pittsburg Steelerettes.

That's right. The Pittsburg Steelers have not had cheerleaders
in 45 years.

And while I usually reserve the bottom rung of the world for the
Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys, this recently discovered
fact shoves them right down to the bottom of the pack.

So for young Giles

there will be no Rah-Rah..

there will be no pom-poms.

But still a boy can dream.....

Be gentle with him, God.

(Crackpot Press always welcomes alternative viewpoints)


Lily said...

Hey crackpot, thanks for coming by the digs... I am not a football fan but we have family in Pittsburgh so the conversation is inescapable. Enjoy the high priced commercialism....

Anonymous said...

*sigh* After the Seahawks ran over my Panthers a few weeks ago, I was pissed and angry. Damn, we had nothing for them. But.... we did get that far. -thwap

And I will have to say, I do hope the Seahawks win. Not only because they've never won a Superbowl, but simply because I hate the Steelers. :)

Tina said...

Thems fighting words Crackpot.

And Pittsburgh, you might be pleasantly surprised, is a pretty nice place to visit and live... and plenty of my daddy's family does live there.

Crackpot Press said...

Tina.... are you cheerleading for the Steelers! Good they need some new blood.

Look... A Stabler.. Matusack boy like myself will never have anything stellar to say about the Steelers.

Deb thank you in joinging us on the west coast,, you rock!

Kim said...

First, thanks for dropping in at my place and nice to meet you. Second, Back in the day, I was a Seahawks girl, and truth be known, I was pulling for them all year even going so far as to pick them to be in the bowl all the way back in week 2! And last but not least, here we are now, and being a Cleveland girl, I gotta aggrevate my man and LOVE the Steelers for Sunday. Besides, I'm still pretty sure Cowher is good in the sack...

Neil Shakespeare said...

Hey, you dissin' on the Fabulous Steelerettes? I would love to see them on the halftime show...just to see if their helmets would fall off when they dance.

Drew said...

I'll go with Ditka 246, Pittsburg 2.