Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Back to Bargains

Now as I mentioned before My girlfriend was thrilled, after being in a Berlin for a week, over the Valentine's Flowers I got for her.. on Feb 17.

Half Price by the way... Long Stem Reds... they looked great.
She found that part very sexy.

But I think I need to send flowers again.

But in that same earlier blog I mentioned that I was thinking about Buying Gold Bars .

And then this comes out. Google will be a bargain some day too!

I don't think Google will fail... but they will have to lay off some folks. And it's sad, but they were way overpriced to begin with. As it says at bullshitjob.com...

If you can't hold your product in your hand... you have a bullshit job.

Perhaps the laid off can get a job in Marine Electronics , now that is cool shit you can hold in your hand.


cali said...

Hey, we're voting for Best Political Book at Nite Swimming.


Greg Mills said...

Dude, I had my wife tell me about the the cake her friend brought over for her, a day after her birthday. Which I forget. While I was in RUSSIA.

Beat that, fucktard.