Friday, February 17, 2006

I like Guns.

I admit it, I do like guns.

My Mom lives in Tahoe and bears and other scary animals regularly track through her yard. My step father Frank was an old school Teddy Roosevelt Republican. I think everyone could pretty much admit that Teddy Roosevelt was bad ass. He became a fisherman in the 20's, a boyscout and joined the Sierra Club 30's, went to war in the 40's and the 50's, and joined the Democratic Party in the 90's. He quit the NRA around the same time... because it wasn't about hunting anymore. He believed in the food chain. His favorite movie was "A River Runs Through It" He joined the Democrats.. because the were closer to the Republican Party he initially joined. My Mom joined the Dems then too. Feb 4th marked the one year anniversary of his passing. But Frank always said... "Guns belong under glass, they are mechanisms that need to be studied.... like a watch.. they are fascinating"

I wasn't allowed to play with them as a kid. I don't own any now. But I DO have a collection of Louisvill Sluggers, so don't get no idears.. see...

I worry about my mom and the bears. Instead of mothers day flowers , I am thinking about getting her a gun. Frank was a gentle man. They once went to Yellowstone and took a break to read books under a tree that Frank gave me the entire history of.. which I unfortunately cannot remember. Frank gently poked my mother and said... "Be very quiet.. Don't move"

A Moose was ten yards away, and they stared at this beast... and I am sure Frank studied it's mechanisms.

On natural glass. The moose saw them and went on it's way.

Now THAT is an outdoorsman. He shares the world with all living creatures. Some trophies are kept in your mind. Respect the one you call an animal...respect the animal in yourself.

None of the Cheney Bullshit....

It amazes me that the guy he shot came out with a pussy whipped comment like "I am sorry for the pain the Cheney family has gone through" This guy is such a jackass who has to pay off people to hang out with the cool kids, gets shot in the face... and is worried about them????

You lost your FACE!!! You had a heart attack!!! Grow a pair... be a man.

No "I am gonna SUE YOUR ASS" is what he should have done. Someone shoots me in the face..
I am not gonna hang with you and I am gonna tell folks. I have stopped speaking to people for FAR LESS than "You shot me in the face!" These men are not outdoorsmen, they don't respect that nature of the beast. They don't even eat what they kill. OR feed others with what they kill. Do you know how many people out there would LOVE a good quail dinner Quail is good eating!! Like Thanksgiving!

Wanna get your rocks offs? Try Airsoft Guns, that would be a good time. Playing a little paintball with Five deferment Cheney... Now that's good hunting...

So this jagov needs to go and sit back in one of his nice comfy commercial office chairs and think about what it means to be an outdoorsman...

and think about what it means to means to be a man.

Frank would kill me if I bought my mom a gun. I would not be respecting that outdoorsman.


Tina said...

I bet Frank would be touched by your post... that was very sweet.

And I like guns, too. We own several (b/c we want to and b/c Hubby travels so much-- leaving me and BabyGirl alone often). Hubby bought me a smaller lightweight Glock 26 that holds 5 bullets in the small magazine. It is much easier for my smaller hands to handle than Hubby's 9mm Glock and 10mm. Besides... it is nicknamed the "Baby Glock" how cute is that? Maybe a gun of that size would be good for your mom. But if you are really serious about getting her a gun, you should really consider a small lightweight revolver b/c they are much easier for women (and older people) to handle and shoot. I considered a Smith and Wesson snub nosed 38 b/c it comfortably allowed me to squeeze the trigger in my smaller hands and didn't make my hand feel heavy and point downwards. Plus, it takes some hand strength to load a clip on a semi-auto so that may be a problem for your mom but a revolver avoids all that. That is very important if you want your mom to feel comfortable handling it....

Just some suggestions from a chick's pt of view.

Crackpot Press said...

I highly doubt my mom would want one... but they have just put out a new Breakfast at Tiffany's Throw that I might get.

Have you taken a course in gun safety?

Just curious... I think it should be mandatory.

Also I think every gun should be kept in lock box.

Tina said...

I am still holding out the hope that a gun will be made in a nice shade of titanium pink...
My dad the ex-Marine always had many guns in our house while growing up, so I guess the unofficial gun safety courses came from him.
He taught all of us how to use a gun and took us out shooting. He worked swing shift and wanted to make sure that we girls knew how to use a gun since we were home alone with our mom at night frequently.
My father's guns were always kept in a lock box and Hubby and I keep our in a lock box, too. And the shotguns Hubby has had since he was a teenager (he grew up on a farm) are in a locked gunrack. I nearly died while bringing BabyGirl into this world... the last thing we would do is be careless with gun ownership and see her die from a completely irresponsible and preventable accident.