Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the World champions

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the World Champions. I once doubted this fact but now I truly realize the errors of my ways.
Tina from Fuzzy and Blue is the ultimate genius in the world and she should never be doubted or questioned.

Again Tina is a true genius who should never be doubted and she like the Pittsburgh Steelers should be heralded at all times.


Tina said...

Smmmmooooch! A big kiss and giant boob-crushing hug to you, Oh Humbled One who made a bad pick... after a series of very bad picks. :)

See.... I am a very gracious winner.... and true genius.

And despite the iffy Roethlisberger call, the 43 yr TD pass proved that as the unexpected underdogs, they can pull miracles out of their butts.

A good time was had by all-- the baby-back ribs, habanero chili & choc/caramel brownies I made were a hit-- But more importantly, it was great to see my 59 yr old pops so happy to see his beloved home town heroes win.

Drew said...

I cry foul. The Stealers had 12 men on the field for most of the game... the twelth one wearing a zebra outfit.

Crackpot Press said...

Steelers weren't underdogs, they were 4 point favorites.

Also the zebras were terrible and pretty much every call went against Seattle. Especially that Touchdown call in the first quarter.

However, Hasselback's arm was just not working.

WHat I did find the most suspicious is that Terry Bradshaw couldn't make it for the MVP ceremony at the beginning... where's the spirit..?

Tina said...

Crackpot... ya know I love ya... but do you mean the same referees who kept making horrible calls against the Steelers thru the playoffs?
I will absolutely grant you the iffy Roethlisberger call, but....
Let's start with this whole the zebras gave the game away: The Steelers were robbed on 2 fumbles that were whistled dead. On the INT, Roethlisberger was blocked in the back and was robbed since the penalty wasn't called.
Let's focus on Seattle: They missed 2 FGs, that's 6 of the 11 pts right there. They threw the pick when in FG range and the running game was working, so that is another 3 at least, not to mention the Steelers getting 7 off that turnover. So just on the 3 FGs that should have been made there are 9 of the 11 points. Let's talk 2 minute drills, where the Seahawks displayed for all to see just how not to run a 2 minute drill. Not once. TWICE. Now one of those possible FGs is included in the missed FGs above, but the other isn't and surely another FG could have been made near the end of the game with just a decent 2 minute drill.
Did I forget to mention Jerramy Stevens' 4 dropped balls?
And maybe underdog isn't the best choice, but I meant that they were completely NOT supposed to even be there. They were 6th seeded... and they got to the SB? That is pretty amazing that they pulled those wins out of their butts and got there.
And Terry Bradshaw? We're lucky his meds are working and that he is not in some ugly suicidal spin. Bradshaw has taken way too many hits to the head in his lifetime and his chemistry is off balance, so let's give him a lil bit of slack, mm'kay?

Crackpot Press said...

Wow tina... you WERE paying attention...

I had to explain offensive interference.. But I think CPG gets it now... She did a very good job of feigning interest... but made EXCELLENT food!