Friday, February 10, 2006

Another Great Show is dead.

So I catch the 2 hour season finale of Arrested Development last night.

Well it was actually four half hours of episodes that Fox wanted to burn. Fox execs are the 2nd biggest cocksuckers in the industry. Basil Iwanyk is the first. How DO you fuck up a Harrison Ford flick?

Mel Brooks once said something similar to the following quote:

"When we did "The Producers" we made a little money, when we made "The 12 Chairs" we blew it all... so when it was time to do "Blazing Saddles" we thought that was it.. we would never make a movie ever we threw everything we could think of in..."

This is what AR did tonight... they should be proud of themselves.

Three characters go to Iraq and, of course, get an American Cab Driver...

Cabbie: "We have to go this way... the Cheney Freeway is backed up all the way to Haliburton Road"

One character feigns a coma to avoid a subpeaona... which leads to a long string of Terry Schiavo gags...including one with a mylar baloon.

Who doesn't love a Terry Schiavo gag?

Ken Lay's scrapbooking party shows money being funneled into an elephants ass.

They really went for the feeding tube with this episode...

Arrested Development we will miss you...Congrats on a good run!


Tina said...

I didn't watch it Friday but I did Tivo it. But the hopeful news is this: I saw that Showtime has made them an offer to pick up 12 shows, and that ABC has made an offer too. Sure the Showtime talks hit a rough patch recently, and it's all hinging on Mitch, but again, Showtime has put their programs on iTunes and to me that sends up a HUGE indicator AD will be picked up. It solves the two main problems Showtime had, those being cost (revenue from AD on iTunes) and viewership (being able to download episodes on your computer). So let's cross everything that can be crossed and keep the faith.

Tina said...

Okay... I just scanned thru my Tivo... Franklin came back? Wow... and I almost just fell off the coach laughing :"George Bush does not care about black puppets." I can't wait to watch it later!

Crackpot Press said...

Franklin IS back you jive whitey!

and he gets a new occupation...

Neil Shakespeare said...

That indeed was magical! Beat the shit out of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony, where they were playing disco! Disco for chrissakes!! Italian Disco!!! Now there was an absurdity that even approached that of A.D. Hope they get picked up somewhere else.