Monday, February 06, 2006

I got memed

Good ole Helen Wheels memed me. My first one. I feel so pretty on the inside. Yet so strangely familiar. Maybe I have done this before.

Oh this is the picture you get if you type Meme into google images. Pink floyd.. what a bunch of losers.

But FIRST, from the Genius who selflessly brings you (YES, YOU!) the Bastard of Art and Commerce and Nude.Fat.Man (see side bar)
comes the Daily Cold Stone Jam.

Also so cool new stuff on the main site

7 things I say

Aw Crap!
How many Superbowls have the Panthers won?
Violla! (prounounced literally)
Love ya, mean it!
Yes, I am a Porn Accountant.
I wanted to play Catcher for the Giants… life a bitch huh?
I’m feelin’ confident about that.

7 books I like
George Plimpton is a fricking genius
All My Sons by Arthur Miller
A Total Waste of Make Up by Kim Gruenefelder (hey I need to plug my buddy’s book)
I had a Frightmare by Bil Keane as told by Greg
Burning in Water Drowning in Flames by Bukowski
The Complete Book of Ball Parks
All Too Human by George Stephanapolis

7 movies I enjoy
The Great Escape
All That Jazz
The Bad News Bears--1976
His Girl Friday
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Player

7 things I enjoy about Cities
Skyline sunsets
Graveyard movies
Walking to anything
Only showing on two screens
Fewer Republicans
Retro Movie Houses
Overall Superiority

7 things I cannot do

Kiss ass…trust me I would be much more successful if I could
See the Ramones
Put my leg behind my head
Eat large amounts of ice cream
Keep the dishes out of the sink
Throw away baseball hats
See the Who Forty years ago

7 Things I must do before I do die

Live on island time
Cure diabetes
Play catcher for the Giants
Have two kids
Fly off to England to Rock with Mick and the Boys
Get a new frickin job
Get to a day where I really don’t care what day it is


Tina said...

I still have to put mine up since Helen tagged me too... but I could use your area of expertise Crackpot at Fuzzy and Blue... ahem... paging Friar Dave...

Helen Wheels said...

Ha! Well done! I love every movie you listed too, especially Network & The Player.

Yours is purty damn entertaining, alright. But did you see TINA'S?!?! OMIGAWD!!