Thursday, February 23, 2006

Californians are Sick Perverted Wackos.

This is a phrase I have been hearing most of my life. And while the Perverted Wacko part may have some truth... not the sick.

But let's look and see what is going on in the more Traditional All-American States..

Someplace where the corn is high as an elephant's eye, a place where they have both kinds of ice cream at the social, and a whole new take on a pre-nup!

Perhaps say... Iowa?



Kvatch said...

At first I didn't see anything wrong with it. Then the forgette slapped me upside the head. So...ok...I get it. Still funny though, in a sick, twisted, perverted, way.

Tina said...

I find it soooo hard to believe that this man was NOT bludgeoned in his sleep.... It must have been difficult for her to properly lift a Louisville Slugger while teetering on those high heels, huh?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Well, let's see. Iowa is real close to Kansas and shares a border with South Dakota so...