Monday, February 20, 2006

Brash Limburg's Response.

Brash has written an excellent response to my challenge. And yes, I like to think of myself as THE crackpot as he has described me. THE crackpot... yes I do like that. I may have to change my calling card.

I think that all liberals, conservatives and in-betweens should read it as well as Brash's comments to my original challenge below. I also think that no matter where you stand, you should write your own piece. Write from your nads. Rub them together and get a fire going.

The first step is understanding each other, there is very little of that going on right now. Like it or not, political philosophy starts in your heart. It's what charges you. I lived in St. Louis.. where I was demonized by the right... I lived in San Francisco where I was demonized by the left... and I used to work for the The Grateful Dead....but it was during the "Touch of Grey" years. Long after they shrugged their crackpot roots.

Your politics are not a logical conclusion, you just feel how you feel, it is personal.. it's not business. When we understand and respect each other, that's when change can start.

When there are nutjobs (the antonym of "crackpots") such as Colture (who's name I will never learn how to spell), Malkin, Franken, Rhodes, Nader, O'Riley, Hannity, Colmes (how DOES this snively guy sleep at night?... oh yeah with many hookers on a pile of money) .. theese people really don't care that much. Never seen any of these folks at volunteer activity... not even at Christmas.. Don't you people know there is war on Christmas for Chissake? Volunteer for your cause!

Yet, not one of those people gave of themselves. Not only didn't they show up for Toys for Tots, they wouldn't even wrap a present. Do you know how many presents they would have gotten if BOR said "I will be at the Nantucket Mall.. stop on by! Meery Xmas." Four hours out his life... he would have been bigger than Clay Aikin.

Except for Springsteen, Liberals aren't a big draw. Bono is reaching out too much... Madonna is crazy and,like Britney, no one wants to claim her.

It wasn't necessary for them to give for the cause they believe in

or didn't believe in.

If you get a chance listen to Elvis Costello's "Radio Radio" or "Riot Act" off of "Get Happy"

Fuck those chumps.

These people are the political equivelants of Hollywood Execs... they aren't filmmakers/philosophers they are popcorn/30 -second spot advertising salesmen. These people are fucking Dee-jays, they think Brokeback Mountain is as important as Rambo 3...

FYI... Goodfellas or Resevoir Dogs were far better pictures.. they got an emotional reponse.

No more important than Mark and Brian. Yet less important than Alex Bennet.

We should stop listening to their rants and request some action... and protests of any kind are not the answer.... because no one wants to listen to bunch of folks who dont have anything better than block traffic on Wilshire Blvd at 4:00 on a Tuesday afternoon.

There is a reason that W. has won two elections and there is reason why he connects with folks.

No I am not getting soft..but in these time of vitrolic divisions, mud-slinging seems to be the only answer. And it is the wrong answer, it's not productive. And yes, I am a mud junkie from time to time. Ever see Resevoir Dogs? Everyone is pointing fingers at each other and Mr. Pink says "Fuck sides.. what we need is some solidarity here"

The thing that kills me about the times we live in is that there is a ton of mud. And both sides are armed with it because is Mud is cheap... it's as close as a Google. And both fans fight with the tenacity of a Michigan Ohio state game, people want a clearly defined loser and winner. There are no winners (except Rachel Wacholder)

Plato would throw such a hissy.

I dont even want to call myself a moderate. I am a guy who just wants some answers.

I want to know why I am underemployed.
I want to know why I have to pay so many taxes. Why I need $6k in write-offs to declare it a write-off,
I dont want be afraid that my job will be shipped to India, so upper management can get a bonus, so they can take care of their families, so their daughter's can get a reality show.
I want to know why everyone Enroxxon is slapping themselves on the back.

Yes, I am a liberal. An old school liberal, a union liberal, a no bullshit liberal.

I want to knock peoples heads together and tell them to play nice. I am sick of the violence and the propaganda. If you were--- elected give it up, Solve some fucking problems. Give it up, show me some action in even the smallest way.

Do SOMETHING!!!! Start by giving up your vacation time when a disaster hits. Both parties...

Yes I am in favor of taxes..

cigarettes.. tax em.
Booze tax 'em
Porn.. tax 'em (the deficit would go away, the war would be paid for the country would be turning a profit. Why isn't there a porn tax? Porn ain't goin nowhere.. )
Big Business.. tax 'em.
Guy who votes.. cut 'em a break.
You need meds.. tax free.
Tookie? Regardess that he redeemed himself.. he started a huge killing machine that he cannot destroy. Thumbs down. Tookie deserved to die. He killed 100's more than Scott Peterson... and Tookie deserves that same fate.

Politicians.. at least TRY. A little team effort here we are all in this together. Yet some folks think they are less in this than others. Starting with the Conneticut Yankee hanging at the rodeo.

Politicians are ineffective right now, they are too self-absorbed or too worried about keeping their gigs to be effective. There are some good ones.. Boxer, Feinstiein, Naegle , Shays, Obama, hell, I even think Orrin Hatch has his good days.

The only bipartisan thinking that has gone on in recent memory is to support the credit card companies.

And that tells you where YOU stand.

I just want folks to do the right thing and I call them as I see them. Politicians don't do that from their view in the luxury box... they need to be behind the plate.

And this is why Bloggers are important...

We got no one to answer to and our words are important. All of them.

I dont care if you are blue, red or Crackpot maroon .... (a color purposely invented to appeal to the Bugs Bunny crowd)

you are important..

I just think folks should listen to ones who aren't jagovs but folks with nuthin to lose

Jagov is a synonym of nutjob.

Rock on, Brash.

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Greg Mills said...


*Nailguns should be used aggressively and liberally in the chastisement of people who express themselves, politically or otherwise, via stickers or magnets applied to their cars.

*Taxes are, for the most part, incredibly suck ass, although if you taxed bumperstickers and/or car magnets, I won't fucking say a word.

*Men who wear make-up in a professional capacity should not claim to represents mainstream anything, whether it's Simon LeBonne or Bill O'Reilly.

*The Rolling Stones should dress in cardigans and teal golf pants, like their coevals.

*Airports should get off their high horses and play "Music for Airports".

*Airports should endeavor to not be depressing

*Upon checking into any Marriott hotel, the desk staff should warn you ahead of time about any aggressive hookers that might be lurking in the lounge.

*Landlocked cities should not have sushi restuarants.

*Monty Python should not be quoted in lieu of having something to say. The Parrot sketch was funny in context -- a context that is for most Python quoting goons seperated by time, space and talent.