Saturday, February 04, 2006

Making the A-List!

So the Crackpot Press Main Site has been getting a surprisingly high number of hits this morning.

Where are they coming from... perhaps the New York Book Publishing world has finally realized the genius of the Crackpot Press.


We got a ton of activity from this IP Address.

I didn't like the sound of that.

Turns out this is the IP Address of
Dod Network Information Center in Columbus, Ohio.


Sure, I am flattered that the DOD is taking a peek into us and it's a bit of a badge of honor.

But as we know the DOD isn't so hot when it comes to interpretting their evidence. I mean perhaps they are finally onto Nude Fat Man, perhaps they don't care for Gile's Weaver's take on Crime throughout history, perhaps they want to know what Karen will be wearing to the Academy awards...

Or maybe they are avid Oprah lovers and want to beat up Mike.

Whatever they read into, it will be wrong. So that's a little scary.

Then I checked on which articles they had checked out.

Article #1 ((PG-13)might be considered NSFW)
Article #2

Yup, just another guy trying to spank it at work.

On my Dime!


Tina said...

Crackpot: I got the email... and the bet is on... but I cannot view my own blog. It says: You are unauthorized to view this page. I went to Blogger.Com and logged in and put in my password, and it lets me get to my dashboard, yet it doesn't let me see my blog when I click on View Blog. The same message pops ups telling me that I am not authorized to view this. I tried to view my blog using FireFox instead of Explorer, but no dice. Help me if you can!!!! I emailed Blogger and I'm hoping they can help me, but who knows?

Helen Wheels said...

Hey, Tina and Crackpot, you are BOTH it!

Tagged AGAIN!

Tha's right. Ha ha.

And I think dod visits all of us. Scary, non?

Crackpot Press said...

Yo Tina... I had the same problem yesterday... drag.... It seems fixed now, though it did screw up my links.

And Helen I will get on this.. believe it or not... my first Meme...

Neil Shakespeare said...

Hey, congratulations, dudes! You've been DOD'd!