Monday, January 30, 2006

We need bigger legos

Hilary suspects that the reason the rebuild of Louisiana is not a priority with the Bush admin is to drive Dems out of Louisiana...

A White House spokesman, Trent Duffy, rejected Mrs. Clinton's claims that the administration was intentionally foot-dragging on disaster recovery in the Gulf. "It's patently untrue and it's unfortunate she would suggest such a thing," he told The New York Sun yesterday.

Mr. Duffy said Mr. Bush has already directed $85 billion to recovery efforts in the Gulf. "He stands by that commitment just as he did in the rebuilding of New York City after 9/11. I think it might be best if we return to the spirit that brought New York back from the ashes," the spokesman said.

Uh, ANYONE, what exactly did the Bush administration rebuild? I know the people of New York have made some progress....

But I don't know how much credit the Bush Administration had to do with anything in New York.


Tina said...

Rebuilt in NYC? Hmm... I don't think BushCo's has rebuilt anything.
But he did have that caged-in-like-animals area built for the protesters at the RNC Convention in 2004.
Does that count?

Crackpot Press said...

Twas a glowing beacon of liberty.