Sunday, January 22, 2006

I know Marketing.

So I have been trying to bring more folks into the genius that is Crackpot Press.

This requires Search Engine Marketing. I read through all my keywords.

For some reason these are the highlights

"Burt Convey"
"Rachel Wacholder Nude"
"precious metal financing"
"Clip on man eating loins"
"hymenoptera extermination"
Italian Facist Gile"
"Wanna Fuck in Modesto?"

"Fuck Dr. Troy"
themes of all my sons, by arthur miller

I need to expand to a broader market. Peoples who buys shit and understand our genius.

In Los Angeles, C. Thomas Howell has a radio show on 97.1. It sucks. I can name 5 people (who are all employed.... in the rhetorical sense by the Crackpot Press) who are funnier and more insightful than this jackass. As Meatloaf said "If I am gonna be damned, then I a gonna be damned.." Fuck C. Thomas Howell. Which if it shows up on my Search Engine Marketing.... we'll know who searching... C. Thomas Howell.

In fact I can name five waiters, bartenders and lawyers who specialize in prempro lawsuit,s who are funnier than this guy.

C. Thomas Howell is not funny and that's insulting. I guess that's why they cram into two hours on a Sunday night.

Fucker... the Crackpot Press Staff is more fun and sure we have crappy haircuts. We are insightful... Our haircuts are not (except for Karen... you look fab.. Mike.. lose the mullet.. Greg and Philip.. what's up with the bowl cut.. how much do you pay for that?") Clooney-esque.

We're better than this jagov.

We dont even need a bong... but donations are always welcome.

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