Sunday, January 22, 2006

Aw Crap!

As most of you know I have been seeing someone new. It's going pretty well. Lots of team spirit going on here. So I am sitting here, getting some work done and look up at my Women of the AVP wall calendar... only to realize something...

Valentine's day is coming up and I will actually have to DO something for it.... (note: Carrie Busch is February)

Due to my somewhat Philandering past, I managed to work out being dateless on Valentine's Day for about ten years. It's a monumental achievement. Except for getting my teeth knockeed out by someone who was a bigger "lonely loser" than I was in 2004.

But this year I will actually have to DO something; Something Dazzling. For Valentine's Day men are on the spot. If you blow it, the last couple of weeks of February can be freezing, even in Los Angeles. I do a quick Google search there are sites for Valentine Flowers, gift baskets and I freeze up when I stumble upon diamond engagement rings. (That one I nixed immediately, It's way too soon to even be checking out that site out... so I go back to AVP site.)

Gift Baskets--- that's a good one. This relationship is new and it's caring (I really like her) but not too over the top, so here is where the pressure comes in. What kind of gift basket? Teddy Bears are too cutsey.. she does have a sweet tooth. The Pressure is building... then it hits me.

It's January... The playoffs are on.. why I am sweatin this?

Aw Crap. I'm sweatin this.


Tina said...

First: You so suck. Pittsburgh won... AGAIN. You need to be sweatin your piss poor picks.

Second: Very nice chocolates = good gift. Her favorite perfume in a gift set = good gift. Taking her to her favorite lingerie store and buying her whatever she wants = good gift for YOU and her.

Third: 10 freakin yrs you weasled your way out of a date on Valentine's Day? You are a shameful harlot.

Anonymous said...

Don't screw around with chocolates unless you're willing to make them yourself.

I've been married to the little frogette for 17 years, and I say the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Buy the fine chocolate, and then make it into a heart-shaped souffle. Alternately, if you have to buy them get amazing truffles and then feed them to her with candlelight.

If you have to default to a traditional gift go with flowers. The key here is delivery...make sure they arrive at her workplace--the goal being to make her co-workers jealous, and if you really want to make a splash write some verse. Yup...a poem. Try a haiku.

Helen Wheels said...

Kvatch, you sound like a catch!

Crackpot Press said...

I'm taking a class right now on Bukowski.

That kind of poetry?

Anonymous said...

Bukowski... That kind of poetry?

Wow, as cool as that would be...uh...NO! Unless she's really "earthy," kind-o-girl. :-)

Crackpot Press said...

"it was a splendid day in Spring and outside we could the hear the birds that hadn't been killed by the smog"

That has a bird in it, that's kind lovey dovey, right? Girls like birds..


Crackpot Press said...

And yes Tina I am a shneful harlot... and whole the hell thought 6 seed Pittsburg would do anything... the Colts should have mopped them....