Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Via Raw Story: Harry Reid Speech

Harry Reid is giving a speech today.

Okay the deems have blown it again. I've been a registered Dem since the the Dukakis campaign... I remember doing signs for that campaign... now I am not even sure if I spelled his name right. Frankly, I was more impressed when I met Sam Donaldson that year.

But we please get Reid and, for that matter, Pelosi out of leadership positions? Why? They're vanilla, they're bland. Now this speech is good, some nice Orwell references (I guess he has been Reading Agitprop) and a couple of good smackdowns. Here is my problem.

Reid is going to deliver it. This man is so bland and passionless in person that any quality writing will be lost in his murmur. When I flip on the TV I don't get excited. Pelosi same thing, except she has no charm, she comes off as condescending, and there is something about her appearance that drive me nuts... its looks fake like she's had work done or was a Mary Kay Rep. Both of these folks need to take some acting classes or speech classes or smoke some dope or something before delivering. When I see Ken Melhman on TV, I can understand why the right can get fired up. He is simple and he is fiery.

As bloggers we read things, everyone else watches things. On Paper it's great... On TV it's gonna blow and be forgotten immediately after the State of the Union. Which people do watch. Which will be delivered by someone who knows how to deliver a frickin speech with enthusiasm and fire. And again the simple folk will be hoodwinked, the second he says "The State fo the Union is Excellent!" and everyone claps.

Im not saying Reid and Pelosi are bad representatives. But can we get some more camera friendly folks here? Or at least call Queer Eye? Or at least folks who don't look like PTLers?


Drew said...

This is going to sound a bit disgusting, but every time I hear his name, I think of that American Pie movie and band camp... although to the best of my knowledge, flutes do not have reeds.

Crackpot Press said...

Wow Drew,

Now there's a stretch. Your filthy mind is always welcome here!