Friday, January 13, 2006

Dr. Phil DUMPS

Dr. Phil who, last year, was sloppin between the sheets with has unceremonioulsy dumped them in favor of doing a deal with This is a good thing.

Now to some of the newer readers of Crackpot Press this may seem like a "who cares?" kind of update.

Until of course... you check out THIS stellar piece of investigative journalism. This is the very first article ever to appear on Crackpot Press and the story of the debaucle that was my experience on the Dr. Phil Show.

Of course, there was this follow up as well.

Way to go Dr. Phil!


Tina said...

Now if only Dr. Phil would give up the notion that anyone in America gives a flying fuck about anything he has to say.......

Blogenfreude said...

who is this Dr. Phil you speak of?

Crackpot Press said...

He's a big fat know-it-all.

Kinda like Homer Simpson with a Doctorate.

BUt I do have to admit... his staff is on it's game.

Debbie said...

I think his Phd is in weight loss. That is his area.

That is probably the worst internet dating story Ihave ever heard, bar none.

Crackpot Press said...

Oh no Debbie, I have far worse ones.

The pregnant woman, the shepherd the list goes on and on....

Helen Wheels said...

Oh, Crackpot, I wish we had met long ago. I'd change all your notions about L.A. women. Then again, I am from CHicago. Hmmm....

Dr. Phil is a big fat windbag and anyone who's ever been in therapy cringes at his pop psychology quick-fixes. He's a blight. I only can hope that he does less harm than I suspect he does.

That's soooo f'ing funny, your Dr. Phil experience! I'm not surprised at the screw up. My best friend works on shows like that, doing art dept. & props, etc., and he's always telling me stories.

You met a pregnant woman! Did she not tell you beforehand?

I'm glad you have a nice woman in your life now. You probably deserve it :)

Kvatch said...

I gotta "" a slightly less perfect version of ""? Could there perhaps be an in-between version called ""? I'm confused.

Crackpot Press said...

Well HW and Kvatch,

A) I never actually met the pregnant woman... she let me know in an email. I told her that perhaps it would be best if she took a break and spent some quality with herself.

The shepherd is a much better story.

B) actually I did meet New girlfriend girl on so the plain one is great.

Go with that one.

Oh and HW, I don't know which Ivy league school you went to but please refrain from using comments like "F'ing" here.

The correct term is "fucking."

Thank you. :)