Thursday, October 20, 2005

Don't you get it?

I read that Bush is doing a fundraiser across town at the Beverly Hills Hotel tonight. Doing the Reagan Library tomorrow.

Don't you get it?


California has never been in the Bush column. Even Arnold hates you now.


Well for starters you let Enron steal millions of dollars from us and still have done nothing to speed up their court dates.
When the Sillicon Valley collapsed and hundreds of thousands were laid off.. you did nothing.

Now that I think of it there are too many reasons to go into as to why you are simply not welcome here.

Now this is where I may get into some hot water. In early 90's, your pappy came for a visit to San Francisco. The gay community was insulted by your presence. The city was in near riots, the warm glow of effegies were hanging everywhere. Toilet Paper, bottles and pretty much anything they could get there hands on were thrown at your Dad's motorcade. Remember now, this is back when you guys thought it was immoral to cure AIDS (oh nice photo op with Bono yesterday.. who you trying to fool?")

The Gay community had a simple message ... "You don't FUCK with the girly men!"

and I think they expressed their message appropriately. Eye for an Eye.

To my knowledge, a Bush has never step foot in San Francisco again.

Now the LA Gay community is much more mellow...and I encourage them to rise up and stage the largest Un-Welcome Mat there has every been. Who better to call upon to throw a killer Halloween Party on short notice?

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