Friday, October 21, 2005

Arnold Hires Model to Play "Firefighter in Favor Union Busting Prop 75 #1"

“MODEL” portrays “Firefighter Supporting Prop 75 #1”

In recent years, the image of the “Firefighter” has become synonymous with “heroism” and “sacrifice;” and for good reason. Even prior to 9-11, here in Southern California wild fires come every October and every year the firefighters throw themselves in harm’s way. It’s one of the most selfless jobs out there.

And now Arnold is attempting to exploit this valiant image. The Governor’s has a new Voting Pamphlet on Join in which he gives easy-to-follow instructions on how to vote “Correctly.” Also some nifty suggestions like sending this pamphlet off to everyone on your Christmas Card list.

When one gets to Page Four of this document there is some detail about Prop 75. This Proposition allows union members to be asked permission before their union dues can be used for Political and other means.

Per the Pamphlet:
Proposition 75 gives rank and file government employee union members THE RIGHT to give their permission before union bosses can take money from their paychecks and use
it for political contribution.

This is some clever wording “money from their paychecks” means UNION DUES. So in effect using DUES to protect the Union is terrible. Now, I don’t recall anyone asking me if my Tax Dollars could be used to support an 80 MILLION DOLLAR SPECIAL ELECTION!!!!

And there is a picture of rugged looking fireman with a very serious expression. Wow, Fireman support this proposition? That seems odd. This is where the crap piles up. So

I check out CDF Firefighter’s page.

Proposition 75


An egregious initiative designed to limit your participation in the political process, this initiative will put all public employee organizations, including CDF Firefighters, at a serious disadvantage to private employee organizations and corporate special interests, in the realm of supporting and opposing state and local political candidates and ballot measures.

I checked a few other firefighter union sites. They aren’t so happy with this one, now THAT makes sense.

Then it hits me. There is no name in the caption. Outside of a generic circle on the helmet, there are no insignias on the helmet or uniform. .

Here is a picture of a REAL California Firefighter

The Uniforms clearly don’t match. The Insignia is on the side of the helmet with a Bright Yellow Uniform. The “firefighter” in the pamphlet is wearing a dark jacket.

Does that even make sense? If you are surrounded by black smoke in a burning office
building, would you rather be wearing a dark jacket.. or bright yellow? Ya know so the other firefighters can see you?

Here’s my conclusion... This is NOT a Firefighter in the pamphlet. It’s a model PAID to look like a firefighter. Like we have an actor paid to look like a governor. I would like to see if one Firefighter knows this guy in the picture. Once again another ploy by politicians to tug the heart strings in order to sway the balances of power. If Prop. 75 is good for our public servents, why not get a REAL fireman? That’s easy; THEY HATE HIM... just flick on pretty much any T.V. station in California.

Maybe Arnold could introduce us to this MODEL at his next bullshit special election drive-by speech.

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Giles Weaver said...

Arnold is just employing the same tactics used by the GOP from coast to coast -- ruling by photo op. Mission Accomplished, right?