Tuesday, October 18, 2005


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I like Bill Clinton. For my money he was the best president of my lifetime. and shaping up to take Jimmy's place as "Best Former President." Granted there ain't a whole lot of good from LBJ on....

Time will tell.

BTW I may be a little "two weeks ago" with this piece but I have been vacationing in New England on the Conneticut river, attempting to connect with the common man.

So I go to the RITE-AID by my house, it's a source of non-fumigant oddities. I look down to see this picture

On the cover of the Ladies Home Journal. Now Bill, buddy, bubba..

I know you need to hit your target audience.. BUT the FUCKING LADIES HOME JOURNAL.. to discuss IRAQ????? C'mon Bill you should at least be doing COSMO! Right between the designer watches ads and the article on "How to Rope a Married Lawyer Through Better Fellatio"

I've done some pretty desperate things to get laid... but c'mon...

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crallspace said...

I wasn't a big fan of Bill when he left office, but I'll take sex, adultery and even scat-eating in the whitehouse over Bush and the gang.