Monday, October 10, 2005

The Art of the Choke

Before reading this, keep in mind: I hate the Angels and have been living down the choke the Giants had in 2002 FOR THREE YEARS NOW. I want to see the White Sox crush them.

My Dad has rarely passed down words of wisdom to me. One of the top ranking Fortune Cookie Philosophies is "The is no better team to watch lose than the New York Yankees, except for the Dallas Cowboys."

Truer words have never been spoken.

The last few years the Yankees have made "The Art of the Choke" some of the most priceless sculpting one could ever wish for.. Whenever they lose it all it instills in one that perfect emotion similar to when the Delta's topple the Omega's.

So Smug. So Arrogant. So "Don't have it" when it is time to rise to the occasion.

Last's year's choke
against the Red Sox was indeed an experiment on "Arrogance vs Tenacity" And the Good guys won.

Did anyone see that too cool for the dugout aqua velva smirk when Jeter hit that home run late in the game tonight against the Angels? Did he realize he was still down by three?

These guys are simply not gamers. They aren't gutsy. They don't have "it"

A-ROD is the worst deal ever. The highest paid player in baseball went 2 for 15. Matsui a dangerous player in the regular a season went 4 for 18...

Okay I'll say it A-ROD is a jagoff... just like anyone who used to work for the Texas Rangers.

Ya know what the number one rule of Little League is.... call "I got it!"

Arrogant Yankees forget this.

The Yankees are beginning to prove that having a lotta cash and throwing it around...
can't beat heart. They were beaten by a rookie pitcher, 22 years old making first year maximum. Now that is FIRE!

So let's all pitch in and buy these pampered Aqua Velva Men a bouquet of Fire and Ice Roses

They could use some "Fire" and they... got.... ICED!

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