Tuesday, October 18, 2005

China is important.

Don Rumsfeld heads to China under suspicisions that they might be underreporting their defense spending. Real Quote: "China is an important country in the region; it's a country that's increasingly important in the world," he said.

No shit? That tiny, fledgling country of China is important? I don't believe it. I don't know much about China but I hear their chop suey is the best in world. I also liked the movie a lot. I had no idea Jack Nicholson was Chinese.

But there is more:

The Chinese, however, denied Rumsfeld's request to visit the Western Hills command center, an underground facility that serves as a national military command post. No foreigner is believed to have been inside Western Hills.

Rumsfeld told reporters on Monday that he was not disappointed that he would not see Western Hills. Of his hosts' decision not to permit the visit, he said, "It tells something about them."

Once again these Defense Department Blockheads are insinuating something but I am not sure what it is... could it be that the Chinese don't want another company, I mean, country to see the War Room, see the "Big Board?" Rummy won't even let us take a peek into the Halliburton books.

Note to the Chinese: Rumsfeld is partly responsible for putting this country in the financial crapper in regards to Defense spending. Don't take any advice on Debt Consolidation

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