Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Join Bill O'Reilly.

Yes, I really mean it. I have only agreed with Bill O'Reilly on one previous issue (Making Jessica's Law national) and it shocked me when something I strongly believe in was mentioned

The incredulous has happened. Bill O'Reilly has said what the President will not say.

On Fox!


Some folks say a free market enterprise is what built America. Oil Companies should be able to charge what they want. Well, not if it means handing all my cash over to someone who gets a $400 million bonus for gouging the American People. Another right wing argument is that the Environmentalists have shut down the Oil Company's ability to refine the oil properly. It's possible, but then the oil companies should just have to figure out a way to do it.

He also showed a clip of Bush saying that he's "looking in to it." We all know what that means.

We also all know that there is little we can do as far as a boycott of the oil industry. But could we pick just one and boycott them? Exxon has been a thorn in the side of the liberal community for quite some time. So why not pick on them? I wonder what Bill O'Reilly thinks of this idea.

Holy shit! Bill says "Boycott Exxon!!"

So I sincerely ask everyone to Join Bill and "Boycott Exxon"

- an Exxon Stockholder (as of this moment)

P.S. So I guess the real question here is who is getting soft? Me... or Bill?

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Helen Wheels said...

Bill's insane. Who knows why he said this? Maybe he's off his meds.