Wednesday, April 05, 2006

California Dreaming

"All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray"

Ah, the lament of those who don't live in California. That opening lyric makes me feel like I am alone peering through an Joliet window, cutting up my cell mate for firewood.

BUT yesterday , the leaves were brown and the sky was gray, here in the City of Angels. I was in the middle of that upward razor climb of the being the new guy at work. And yes, what a climb it is.

But today was actually a pretty good day. I manage to only put in Nine and half hours.
London Broil (currently basted and on the Forman Grill), Avocados and tomatos were all on sale at the grocery store and "The Amazing Race" is on at a special time tonight 8:00. (God Bless my five minute commute!!)

Regardless that CPG is off working her ass off (GO! Baby! GO!) towards her yearly monster event I am in a pretty good mood. But I will see her for a fun gussyupp thing at the WGA tomorrow night. Maybe even some "groovy"

And then I open my mailbox (no bills...excellent!) and I have "it"

My b-list girlfriend.. delivered to my home. The NEW DIG MAGAZINE is here with some of the best photography (and yes, reading) of any sports Magazine. Dig is also a smart zine as they don't spill their best stuff (or really ANY stuff) on their website. Subscribe!!! Do as I say!!

Yah get a free hat.. beats giving your cash to PBS

AH as Dig's Motto reads.

Beach. Volleyball. Life.

It's a good Wednesday night.

Oh and the "Mantra of the Week" comes from the above-mentioned CPG. I personally think Katie Couric is too cutesy for the evening news.


"Katie Couric is gonna hosting evening news? But.. she's a Tri-Delt!"

Be more than a pretty face. Back it up.

All the leaves are green and the sky is blue.

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