Friday, April 07, 2006


I got to go to something very cool last night.

The WGA put together their list of 101 Best Screenplays and had an event to announce it.

I met CPG (who was looking stunning) in front of the Beverly Hills Union and walked down the short red carpet. The problem with writers is that few of us know what they look like. Sure their pictures maybe be on the HuffPo from time to time. For the most part we don't know what they look like. Harry Shearer hosted and at the cocktail and app reception, I was looking around for familiar faces from my past career and saw none. Until CPG asked for a Kir Royale at the bar and over her the left shoulder of her cocktail dress was "The Man."

Not "The Man" because he is a great writer. He wrote several great screenplays that most forget he was the writer. HE got slammed for his writing later in life, but still gives every Gen-X male pause.

George Lucas was four feet away. Then CPG grabs my arm and geeks out a bit later. It's BUCK HENRY! Another "first" great writer and influence of my childhood. One 10 year old kid had never ridden his bike so fast to get home to watch "Get Smart." I am not a big fan of self-congratulatory "lists" For my money, my lists are just as good as anyone else's. But with a few exceptions this one one mirrored my own tastes.. For example "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" made the top ten. Go to your library, used bookstore or E-Bay and I am sure
you can find the screenplay and of all the screenplays ever written, it follows the writer to the most minute detail. Sure the movie is driven on the charisma of the two lead actors, but there is NO Ad-Libbing.

I gotta go cook the hardest working woman in show business, CPG, dinner... more on this later.

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