Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Im not one to start a blog war BUT!

There is no love for the Crackpot Press.

My service provider (Netfirms) has really pissed me off. They have selected "Anna in San Francisco" as their Site of the week. Usually they have a lot folks who are more talented than me showing off whatever hot sauce they are pitching.

But no... now they have this travel blog "Anna in San Francisco" which is pure crap!

First of all, she shows all the CRAPPY places to visit in San Francisco... and her Chow Chow is most likely crappin Chow Chow dog crap all over it. She shows Fort Mason, where I went to once for a wine tasting and Coit Tower and lo and behold NOT ONE TENDERLOIN DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT!!! No Willie Mays hotlink to be found!

Give that fire on a bun to poochie!

There is nothing interesting or fun about this site. She makes San Francisco look TOTALLY .. well... er GAY!

If you want cool things to do in the city... check out this TRAVELOGUE OF BERKELY.

Or I am just a bitter, jealous man.


pissed off patricia said...

LOL, well you seem to be a pissed man. Please don't take it out on the little doggie. He had nothing to do with any of it.
Get it off your chest, it's good for you.

If it helps, I'm not going to San Fran because of her post. :)
(I wasn't going anyway, but I just thought it might make you feel better)

Tina said...

Oh sweetie.... Crackpot is numero uno in my book.

And Chows are crappy lil vicious canines (they are waaay quick to bite) so it is only fitting that crappy Anna has a crappy dog.
Hopefully some peeved drag queen will bounce a high heeled shoe off of Anna's head when her crappy Chow bites him in oh-so-gay San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

She's probably a "Marina Girl". What do you expect?

Here's the definition. (Scraped from Wikipedia before they deleted it.)

Crackpot Press said...

This is a scandal!

There was nothing offensive in this Wikipedia Definition.

It did fail to mention how easy Marina Girls are...