Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Politics.

Some people have noticed a a departure from politics on my blog. This is a temporary phase and soon the langoriesque geniuos of my fertile political mind will drip, ah, but once again.

However, here is a fun car game for the kids. Most think of California as a Blue State, however during my lifetime we have had FAR MORE REPUBLICAN GOVERNORS. Reagan, Duekmajin, Wilson, Arnold, etc. Cali flips and flops and kind is really a true sends a mixed message to folks. I think it's healthy. In fact, I think Gray Davis was a hack. Never inspired me once. He was a B-side.

On the car game. Hop into the car with some of your best buddies (oh and the kids, if need be) in Berkeley or Hollywood. Then drive somewhere; Modesto, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Newport... wherever..

It's better during an election year. But it's amazing on the drive as the Blue (and Green) bymper stickers turn into red.

There are a lot of people that don't live in your hometown.

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