Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The AVP Hermosa Beach Open (Pro Beach Volleyball)

This week has been a real turd in politics. There is simply nothing going on.


This weekend is the GREATEST SPORTS WEEKEND of the YEAR!


A lot of so called intellectuals forget why they became intellectuals..

It was for the competition.

Will the crack upstarts of ELAINE YOUNGS AND RACHEL WACHOLDER once again steal the crown from Kerri "Getting Cockier Everyday, I am 27 and over-privileged" Walsh and the Misty "Got Room for another Tattoo over here" May? Kerri played like ASS in ASSOHIO (whatacoincidence.. I understand John Kerry doesn’t go over well there either) and couldn't even face the cameras afterwards...

After winning a GOLD MEDAL, that's sad.

Will the Linquidst sisters finally get that final four bid they have always deserved?

Will Angie Ackers and Holly McPeak kick ass-tribution on Rachel and Elaine?

Perhaps Nancy Mason will get on a roll...

They all rule...

But I digress,

My deepest thought is that two people slugging is what inspires me and effects my everyday life. The AVP has always represented to me that the only thing at stake (or is important) are bragging rights.

Like other Olympians, a few of the AVP star athletes make a living off of it. Most of them are teachers and cocktail waitresses (despite their USC, Stanford and CAL degress) during the week (note: I didn't say "the off season")

In the AVP I see tenacity,
I see spirit,
I see teammates slapping hands when they lose a point.
I see teammates encouraging each other.
I see teammates giving it a shot regardless that May/ Walsh dominate the sport.
I see handshakes after the game (ya'know, like in little league)
I see comrades; Uber Alles.
I see respect.
I see a team.

It's not that they look hot in their uniforms...(I mean.. they do.. all of them...but I can find something beautiful about any woman)

What is truly sexy is their spirit.

Spirit is sexy.
Believing is sexy.
Giving Someone a HI-Five and a slap on the butt after a fuckup... it's sexy.

I see everything that sports (and for that matter.. "life") is supposed to be about in the AVP.

I haven't read any papers or nothing... Did Bush pick someone?

Who gives a shit, I crave to be inspired.

The AVP can do that, the White House can’t.

-Dave (CP)

You can watch the AVP on Saturday or Sunday at 1:00 on NBC.

Or better yet, just come down to Hermosa…


karena said...

Crackpot, that is a nice post. It is hard to get those feelings in Bush's post 9/11 world. It makes me sad that the world on Saturday in Hermosa is the kind of world we should have everyday. But we will get to that space one day. Have fun. I will be sure to tune into the AVP, and I bet hubby won't mind a bit either.

Nedhead said...

Ahh, scantily clad women slapping balls around.....sorry, but it is a nice image.

You are absolutely right about where to get inspiration. But isn't the weekend in Hermosa proof that life ain't all that bad? It is inspirational to know that maybe the world isn't necessarily the hellhole some people would like us to believe. Call me a giddy optimist, but volleyball in the sand is a good sign.

And is Hermosa really that much better than the Jersey shore? lol

Greg Mills said...

What's sexy to me is watching Ernest Borgnine licking a lollypop v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I was hitching on Hollywood Blvd, 3 AM. He picked me up, drove me clear out to Pepperdine. He pulled the Rollie over, took off his shirt, and started licking that goddamn lollypop like a walrus in heat. No words were said. None were needed. We just sat. Then we went and picked up some wings and he dropped me off Venice.

Nedhead said...


Crackpot Press said...

Ned are you in So cCal?

Nedhead said...

Opposite coast.