Tuesday, July 05, 2005

L-8 Sucked.

I watched part of Live-8.

Live-8 sucked. MTV continues to suck.

The first act in Philly was the Black-Eyed Peas. Of course, MTV decided to interview some sorority chick who is now "Very aware" of the crisis in Africa. I image like her righty counterpart is "Very Aware" of the Iraq war, she will not be visiting anytime soon. Due to this in-depth interview with "No one" I missed the first few minutes of the Black Eyed Peas, who were actually quite good.

Bono and Paul McCartney sounded like the two creaking dinosaurs they are barely being able croak out "Sgt Peppers." Uh nothing like starting the show off with a bang.

Green Day continues the most popular suckfest career of any Bay Area rock band of a popoular nature. First of all, this self indulgent "intelligent punk" thing must stop now. Punks aren't smart people. They rock. Now shutthefuckup and play something good. bY "GOOD" I mean dont try and cover a Freddy Mercury song. Freddy Mercury had one of the most stellar operatic rock voices ever. Your whiny weak poseur ass shouldn't even try to attempt it. You don't cut. But once again, you need to be self important.

Green Day, YOU SUCK!

That's all I saw of the show.

It's a long weekend I had stuff to do.


Mike Crackpot said...

Corporate Punk! Corporate Rock! Corporate Bollocks! Well, I hope they at least helped their cause...

Paris Hilton said...

Hilton Ashamed of Live 8 Ignorance

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton is so ashamed she attended London's Live 8 gig on Saturday even though she knows little about African poverty, she's vowed to study the issues while planning her forthcoming wedding. Scissor Sister Ana Matronic slammed Hilton for attending the concert without understanding its key aim of persuading leaders of the eight largest industrial nations to cancel debt in the developing world, double the aid budget and rewrite global trade laws. But Hilton insists she will make amends by reading about it while she's preparing for her marriage to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. She says, "It's such a great cause. It makes you realize how fortunate we are. I want to get more involved in this cause, so I'm going to read all the newspapers while I'm in Athens planning my wedding."