Monday, July 25, 2005

Elaine Youngs

Rachel Wacholder has been getting a lot of attention lately. Her partner, Bronze Medalist Elaine Youngs, a vet of the beach hasn't been getting as many props.

She does deserve them. Rachel is the new kid on the block (very talented player) and everyone loves a new flavor.. so there has been some bandwagoning.

You have to remember that EY is the solid foundation here.

At yesterday's Hermosa Beach open. EY's seemed a little off, initially, in the final four match vsTyra Turner and Makare Wilson, then she just turned up the steam. It was like she just flicked a "fire up and focus" switch. EY did some truly amazing work including this weirdo freak from the knees" backwards dig that landed right were it was supposed to.

It was one of the most amazing digs I had seen.

Sure it was a freak shot and these things happen.

Then she did again, then one more time after that.

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