Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Space Shuttle launch is FAKED!

As most of you know I have a PHD in astrophysics from Cal Tech University, after receiving my Engineering Degree at Stanford.

Furthermore, I have served such companies as Boeing, NASA and Industrial Light and Magic. The two former in designing Space Shuttles, the latter as a consultant in accuracy.

Today's launch was faked. It didn't happen. It's obviously some kind of ploy for the Bush administration to show some kind of success or comeback in their failed presidency.

Here are some things I noticed.

1. From television you can obviously see the wingspan doesn't fit to scale of the Challenger. According to our measurements the Challenger would be the size of 1500 Football stadiums.

2. The right catalytic mysophia in the pictures that I have seen is an artifact that has not been used in aerospace engineering since the mid 1960's. What should have been in there is the new "trisection myspohia" developed by myself and other in Berlin in 1998. You can look it up at the Nasa website. The part code is PT-75694J-L and can easily be looked up. The two parts look absolutely nothing alike.

3. I recently received a memo from a High-Ranking friend in the CIA.

Here is a segment:

It looks as if we are going to pull this thing off after all, we could not fix the problems encountered last week. However, the Commander is getting is getting TONS of heat, so we have to do something.

Thanks for the ILM info.

4. There is an external camera somewhere in space taking a picture of this shuttle, obviously a Government run satellite is the only one who can take a picture. The then inserted a Lucas film Model picture. To make matters worse near the filijetometer under the starboard wing YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE a small Lucasfilm Logo. These types of fun pranks are often used by graphic artists to amuse themselves.

5. There is no "Tommy John" joint (named for the famous pitchers surgery) in the cargosity minora. This is required in order to have any kind of successful launch.

Once again, we have been conned.


Nedhead said...

You know, in one of the photos I could have sworn I saw a storm trooper in the background....

Crackpot Press said...

and there ya go!

The Truth is out there.

anonymous said...

And they said I had problems because I believed Wat The Dog was real....