Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Why is Michelle Malkin popular?

Why is Michelle Malkin popular? Or considered good?

I'm mean there isn't too much writing going at her site. And she has to link away for the "good stuff"

She links to Maureen Dowd's coloumn about her mother passing away over the weekend. Which is a really touching piece. Then sends some an asskissy condolence message. My guess is that these are the ONLY kind words Michelle has ever said to Maureen.

Same ole Repub hypocrisy. I'm sure if the NYT would pay Michelle a couple of bucks more she would switch sides immediately. But then she wouldn't be the only Asian allowed on Fox News.

Today her top stories include New Karl Rove Mugs what a fantastic idea.

We can now celebrate public enemy #2 (treason is a pretty high crime) with a cup of Joe ( along with a secret ingredient I like to call 'Safeway Single Malt'... Just like Karl has with his breakfast).

Like Public Enemy #1 (Osama Bin Ladin... why does Fox News keep mispelling (Usama) his name?... must be that home schooling) the Bush administration has NO interest in arresting friends of the family.

If you think about the Bush Klan has more ties to Bin Laden than Sadaam did. It's been nearly 1303 days since 9-11 and they can't find him anywhere. Not even close...

I would really think Bush would be less of a failure if he at least TRIED to be selfless.

AGAIN, I challenge the conservatives to put forth reasons as to why this loser inspires you. I have asked this question NUMEROUS times an still no answers.

In other news,

There has been a scare here in Hollywood not been seen since the the last mad cow disease thing.


Nedhead said...

Because she is a semi-cute little asian lady? I can't see any other reason.

Crackpot Press said...

As Daze Strange can tell you... she is no Maureen Dowd.


anonymous said...

Because loser's inspire Americans... I guess. What do you think of Wesley Clark working for Foz news?