Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Win a Free Dinner at the Olive Garden.

I got a banner that said "Win a Free Dinner at the Olive Garden!"

Then you click on a "Yes" or "No" Question..

"Is Bush a Good leader?" This is usually an easy answer.

Then thoughts start swirling....

Okay... "Free Dinner" is a good thing..Olive Garden or not

I've never been to the Olive Garden. Is it any good? What market are they plying to answer the question?

Olive Garden (according to "Old School") is a fabulous meal. Married couples love it... they clean up after the kids... Priceless.

I'm not quite a married couple, yet not quite a single man.. How important is the free meal...

CPG has been out of town for quite some time now.

Fabulous meal I don't have to make... I have a broken collarbone. I have been living off of things you don't have to "lift"or "spread"... Goddammit I WANT MY FREE FABULOUS MEAL!!!

Family resturant... I want to say yes. "Yes" will get me the free fabulous meal.

It is a moment of selling out.

I finally click on "YES"


Yes Bush is is good leader!!!!

But then I have to go through all these steps and refer friends and realize...

I'm tired...

I should have just clicked no.

More Stouffer's for me.


Tina said...

Ahhh... at 3 am, Stouffer's Mac and Cheese is like the Greek gods' ambrosia.

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